What's New On Invelo

Wondering what improvements, fixes and implementations have been made recently? You are in the right place.

What's New On Invelo

We are constantly working behind the scenes to make Invelo more effective and easier to use. Wondering what improvements, fixes and implementations have been made recently? You are in the right place.

To see what we are working on over the next few months check out our Product Roadmap for a list of improvements that are coming soon.

What's New As Of October 13

Lots of improvements and bug fixes have been added to the platform over the last few months and are now fully live for all users.

🎉Bigger Pockets Integration

You will now be able to sign in or sign up to Invelo with your Bigger Pockets account. Invelo will be partnering with Bigger Pockets to allow a seamlessly link between the two platforms as well as exclusive promotions. Stay tuned for more!

Marketing Updates

There have been numerous additions made to Invelo's marketing capabilities.

You will now be able to see all available and unavailable records when you begin building a marketing campaign. This will help users visualize how many of their records are already in a marketing campaign when setting up a new one.

Users will also now be able to choose to include or exclude duplicate records in any marketing campaign. This will be turned off by default but can be turned on.

In the creation of email marketing sequences users will now be able to see which email templates are recommended for prospects and which are recommended for leads. This will help users select the right template for what kind of campaign they are building.

Platform Fixes

  • Fixed record import issue that created duplicate records for some users.
  • Resolved issue with imports moving the record stage the wrong way.
  • Fixed issue that was causing the auto-add feature in List Builder to fail.
  • Fixed a record mapping issue that was affecting last names.
  • Resolved an issue in marketing where a record was not removed from a campaign while in a queued state.
  • Fixed a campaign status issue where a marketing campaign was marked as active despite finishing its last sequence.
  • Fixed a problem with auto-add batches that had incorrectly calculated costs and start dates.
  • Resolved an issue with MLS listing status filter not saving to preset.
  • Fixed the Invelo presets on List Builder from loading indefinitely and not returning results.

What's New As Of August 4

We have added a few major updates and new features all over the platform for all subscription levels.

Marketing Presets

You can now create marketing campaigns in a flash with marketing presets. Select from 7 preset campaigns created to market to prospects or leads. The pricing will vary depending on subscription level with the lowest marketing pricing available for users on Professional Plans.

Before you begin creating your marketing campaigns be sure to create a marketing profile! Simply click on your image or initials in the top right corner and select "Marketing Settings" or just click here.

Now that marketing presets are live, those on Starter Plans will only be able to use presets to create marketing campaigns. Custom campaigns will only be available to those on paid plans.

Skip Tracing

Full skip tracing services are now live! You can use Invelo to skip trace individual properties, contacts, trusts and corporations as well as conduct bulk traces.

To skip trace a record just go to that record and click on the skip trace icon or the purple banner that prompts you to skip trace. From there you can choose to search that one record or find additional associated contacts for an additional charge. You will only be charged when a trace is successful.

You can also choose to change your primary contact on the record to be the best match found by the skip trace. Even if you don't select this option you will see the skip traced contact in the record.

Prices for skip tracing vary depending on subscription level and type of contact. Corporate skip traces will always be $0.05 more than property records for every subscription level. For the lowest skip tracing prices upgrade to the Professional Plan.

Learn more about how to skip trace by checking out the skip tracing guide over on the help desk.

Manual Record Add

You now have the ability to capture the contact information during a manual record upload. When you add a property and our database finds multiple records, you'll have the opportunity to select the particular record. This feature is helpful when selecting an apartment number within a building's address or for land.

What's New As Of July 13

We have added a number of new functionalities to the List Builder for paid subscribers.


We have added a new feature that will enable you to keep up with potential leads without lifting a finger. The auto-add feature is now live in List Builder. This feature allows you to conduct a search with all desired parameters, save it as a preset, and allow new contacts that meet those parameters to be added automatically as Invelo refreshes its data daily. This will allow you to run a search once and then have it automatically update as new properties match your specifications.

Set your list specifications, any tags you want added to the leads before enabling the auto-add feature to ensure everything is ending up where it should be. You can also share your preset with your team so they can have access to that automation.

Once you have created presets with the auto-add feature you can manage them right from the List Builder home screen. Simply click 'Presets' on the bottom left and you will see a list of presets you have built and can share them with your team, turn them on or off or delete them.

What's New As Of June 29

As of June 29 we have made a number of improvements live for users resolving issues platform-wide as well as a few new features.

Select All

Users will now be able to "Select All" within the platform – addressing a concern of a number of users. This will make record and list management easier for all users.

Ringless Voicemail

Ringless voicemail is now live and available for use in the Marketing tab.

Find Ringless Voicemail in the Marketing area
The feature is now fully live.

New List Builder Filters

  • The filter "Not Listed" has been added to List Builder filtering in the MLS Listing Status Filter.
  • Addition of "Property Type" filter and options on List Builder under "Property."

Dashboard Updates

*For paid plans only

Sold and Vacant properties added to the user dashboard. Sold properties are automatically flagged and moved from active prospects to removed prospects database.

Vacant and Sold records are now shown on the right side of the dashboard.

Check out the Roadmap to see what we are working on now....