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Building The Future of Real Estate Investing

Providing investors with the tools, education, and insight required to manage and grow a successful real estate investment business.

Words We Live By

Learn And Be Curious

Inquisitive minds embrace change, demand growth, and require continued education. We push ourselves to be our best selves.

Love What You Do

Positive people create positive experiences. We pursue our passions, take pride in our work, and encourage others to do the same.

Think Big

Take initiative, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes. We are accountable, results- driven, and strategic. We never say, “that’s not my job.”

Be Customer Obsessed

Customers are the core of our business. We go beyond customer expectations to build relationships and create memorable experiences.

Disagree & Commit

Respectfully challenge decisions, even when it' s difficult. We expect friction to innovate. Once a decision is made, we commit wholly.

Lead With Integrity

Be honest, transparent, and kind. We conduct ourselves with high moral character to earn the trust of our community.

Invelo's Story

Born out of the need for an efficient,
all-in-one solution

When I started investing in real estate in 2011, I spent hours learning and building my business from the ground up. But after a while, I became bogged down with numerous software subscriptions that only did a portion of what I needed them to do. I decided to change that.

Invelo is the all-in-one solution I was searching for at the beginning of my career and the robust system that will sustain it now. My goal was to provide users with everything they need to run and scale a successful real estate investment business in one place. And with Invelo, it’s finally a reality.

Justin Silverio

The Team

Justin Silverio

Founder & CEO

Josh Dorkin

Strategic Advisor

Jenna Chau

Head of Customer Success

Tim Marois

Lead Engineer

Brittany Burrows

Marketing Specialist

Jenell Poncabare

Customer Success Specialist

Kimberley Ennis

Customer Success Specialist

Abdelilah Lbardi

Full Stack Engineer

Vitalii Erfan

QA Engineer

Glib Tsyrklyevych

Database Engineer

Nick Barbu

Frontend Engineer

Sagar Naliyapara

Backend Engineer

Jeramy Hing

Full Stack Engineer

Invelo vs. InvestorFuse

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