Invelo Real Estate Investor Software

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Invelo is the true, all-in-one platform for managing and
growing your real estate investing business from start to finish.

Invelo Real Estate Investor Software
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What Invelo can do for you

Invelo List Builder

Build quality prospect lists with ease

  • Pull prebuilt lists in seconds based on popular, predefined criteria
  • Never pull a list more than once. Properties are auto-added to your prospect list as they meet your criteria
  • Search using a map view, and drill down to see detailed property information
  • Search our 155 million+ property database using more than 40 filters

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Invelo CRM

Manage your full sales pipeline from prospect to deal

  • Identify your highest quality prospects through advanced segmentation, filters, and list stacking
  • View your real-time dashboard highlighting your hottest prospects, scheduled automations, and upcoming tasks
  • Access highly-accurate skip tracing, including litigator scrub with phone and email verification

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Invelo Marketing Campaigns

Create intelligent, multi-step marketing campaigns

  • Send direct mail, ringless voicemail, and email marketing all from within the platform
  • Keep tabs on key metrics like marketing spend, ROI, and which campaign is converting at the highest rate
  • Automatically add new prospects into existing campaigns
  • Launch high converting marketing campaigns in seconds with our prebuilt templates (or customize your own)

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Invelo Education & Training

Learn from industry experts

  • Access hours of REI training to guide you through every step of your REI journey
  • Watch exclusive, in-depth Masterclasses taught by top industry experts
  • Receive best practice tips and newsletters every month

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Common Problems for Real Estate Investors

Invelo's smart solutions

Invelo solves all of these common investor pain points for you:

Too Many Tools

Managing multiple systems is frustrating

With Invelo, all of your lists, prospects, leads, deals, and marketing efforts are organized and easily accessible in one platform.

No Reinvent Wheel

I don't want to reinvent the wheel

Invelo incorporates proven industry best practices so you can conserve your resources and just do what works.

Too Much Work

I spend too much time manually entering or updating data

Invelo automates many of the tedious data management tasks, while keeping property and contact info updated.

Not Technical Enough

I’m not sure how to scale my business

Invelo streamlines business growth by providing automations, key business insights, and high value education.

Marketing Effective

I don't know which marketing campaigns are working

Invelo’s advanced marketing analytics assess your marketing performance and provides the insights you need to make strategic business decisions.

What to Do Next

I don't know what to focus my attention on next

Invelo makes prioritizing your next steps a breeze with intelligent dashboard highlights and task management.