Analytics and Integrations

Actionable insights with seamless connections.

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Pipeline insights

Gain clarity and drive success

Get a clear view of your sales pipeline with analytics that show the number of prospects, leads, and deals in your database. Identify bottlenecks, track conversion rates, and forecast future performance to make informed decisions.

Actionable recommendations

Powerful suggestions to boost growth

Receive actionable recommendations based on data analysis for better follow-up and engagement. Analyze seller behavior, interactions, and historical data to gain suggestions for maximizing conversion rates and nurturing relationships.

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Zapier intergations

Zap into multiple platforms

Create inbound and outbound Zaps freely with Invelo. Generate automated workflows, trigger actions based on specific events, and synchronize data between multiple systems.

Aircall integration

Call and track directly in one platform

Invelo's Aircall integration allows you to make and receive calls, track call history, and log call notes seamlessly. Improve communication efficiency and ensureall interactions are captured in a central location.

Email integrations

Connect your inbox

Automate email campaigns, send personalized emails, and track email engagement metrics with a SendGrid, Gmail, Outlook or Yahoo email domain. Leverage the power of email marketing to contact prospects, nurture leads and drive conversions.

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