Invelo vs. Investor Fuse

From pricing to features, Invelo is the best real estate investor platform on the market. See a feature-by-feature comparison to see why Invelo is the best Investor Fuse alternative.

Here's how Invelo stacks up against InvestorFuse


List Builder

Invelo Over 150 million property records and 50+ filterable data points, custom lists, saved searches, pre-built filters, super fast queries InvestorFuse None; integrates with lead sources


Invelo Manage prospects, leads, deals with unlimited contacts, list stacking, intelligent filtering and tasks/notes/activity; custom fields and tags, fast search and custom views; integrated skip tracing InvestorFuse Built in actions, automated followup, flexible workflow.


Invelo Highly customizable campaign builder with drip sequences for direct mail (multiple formats), email, SMS, ringless voicemail, best practice templates, automatic prospect mapping and return mail scanning InvestorFuse None


Invelo Best practice dashboards, customizable reporting and analytics, order tracking, history logging InvestorFuse Basic


Invelo Gmail, Zapier and fully functional API InvestorFuse Custom work required


Invelo Import/export with record matching and appending, smart lists, daily refresh of property data with vacancy/sold property updates and complete marketing campaign sync InvestorFuse Follow-up text, email, voicemail and actions


Invelo Free training and best practices, master classes from top real estate investors InvestorFuse Blog, podcast


Invelo Full onboarding and one-on-one support via email and chat, plus tons of tutorials and helpdesk materials InvestorFuse Support portal, chat


Invelo Free starter plan, low cost plan for individuals (less than $120/month), professional plan for larger orgs with up to 1 million records and 50,000 list builder prospects per month (less than $250/month), team management and low cost in-app pricing InvestorFuse $147/month for 2 users, 3 lead sources; $247/month for 6 users, 5 lead sources and integrations; $497/month for unlimited users, unlimited lead sources

Try Invelo instead instead of InvestorFuse. Here's why.

Invelo is a truly integrated solution that provides end-to-end capabilities from building your list of prospects to marketing to leads and closing deals. Whether your new to the real estate investor game or have a seasoned team, Invelo will work for you. Sine systems are limited to one or two pieces of the real estate investor puzzle. Investorfuse is focused on managing your prospects and nothing else. You’ll need to integrate with other lead sources, connect with marketing tools and integrate with contact building systems like skip tracing or data enrichment. Invelo does all of this and more.

Start by searching our database of over 150 million property records using our pre-defined filter criteria, or customize filters from 100+ property attributes. Build your custom list or import leads from other sources in seconds. Invelo will automatically enrich your data when we find matches for records in our database. This happens continually as we our data get’s refreshed weekly. Every time we find a new contact or property attribute, we append that data to your record. You can even setup automations so every time we get a new prospect that matches your criteria, it gets automatically added to your prospect list and you can begin working the deal.

Invelo also offers the most advanced marketing system of any real estate investor platform with the ability to automatically add prospects and leads to campaigns whenever they meet your defined criteria. Send drip marketing programs across multiple channels including email, sms, ringless voicemail and direct mail. Use one our pre-built marketing templates based on industry proven best practices, or build from scratch. You can define the record criteria, the sending day, delay days, marketing channel and automatically add or remove records from campaigns when they match defined filters.

Invelo is easy to get started and even easier to scale. Real estate investors are switching from tools like Investorfuse every day because they don’t want to manage multiple systems. Instead, focus on what you do best, closing deals. Let Invelo handle everything else.

Invelo vs. InvestorFuse

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